About us

TORMAX quality for demanding customers

Pedestrian and industrial door systems

TORMAX automatic and manual, pedestrian and industrial door systems offer the right solution for any situation. A close network of certified distributors is in charge of sales, planning, installation and servicing. TORMAX Deutschland GmbH supports this network, for example, in large cross-regional projects.

Your one-stop shop for door frames and door leaves

TORMAX Deutschland GmbH is your one-stop shop for door frames and door leaves with demanding applications. We sell them throughout Germany to specialised construction and trade companies as well as through our network of TORMAX distributors. The company was formed in 2023 from Albert W. Otto GmbH and ZAK TORMAX GmbH, both of which have decades of experience in manufacturing door frames and door leaves.

A member of the TORMAX Group

TORMAX installed Europe’s first automatic door in 1951. Today, we are a leading manufacturer of pedestrian and industrial door systems with 25 group companies and 500+ certified distributors around the globe. TORMAX pedestrian and industrial door systems are used in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, shops, airports and railway stations, ships, apartment buildings – in short, in hundreds of thousands of buildings all over the world.

TORMAX is a division of the LANDERT Group, a privately held group of companies characterised by innovation, outstanding quality and genuine entrepreneurship. The group’s headquarters are in Switzerland, in Bulach near Zurich. Founded in 1924, the group employs over 1000 staff members across its two divisions SERVAX (customised electric drives) and TORMAX (pedestrian and industrial door systems).