iMotion® 1302.KI

Drive iMotion 1302.KI


iMotion® 1302.KI

Hidden in the lintel the iMotion 1302.KI opens swing doors dynamically and quietly. No linkage disturbs the elegant aesthetics – the stable drive lever is concealed in the door profile. The numerous functions of the control system extend the range of possible applications. The TORMAX iMotion® 1302.KI is designed for single and double-leaved internal swing doors.

Areas of application

  • Single and double-leaved internal pedestrian doors
  • Door leaf weight up to 125 kg
  • Newbuilds, conversions, refurbishments and renovations:
    • Hospitals, retirement homes, care centers
    • Hotels and restaurants
    • Office buildings
    • Warehouses


  • An invisible solution as the drive is concealed in the lintel
  • No visible linkage
  • Very quiet – also suitable for access doors to patients’ rooms in hospitals
  • Maintenance-free and with a long working life
  • Extremely safe: special finger protection profiles to protect users against hazardous areas where crushing or shear forces lurk
  • Available with panic escape devices
  • Can be incorporated into building management systems
  • Its functions can be extended with sensors or made to include badge access etc.