Door Frames

A comprehensive portfolio

Our portfolio is the product of over 50 years of experience and comprehensive know-how in steel and stainless steel processing. We manufacture standard, norm and system frames, with a clear focus on the development and production of special frames. 3D CAD-supported construction and modern production facilities enable us to manufacture frames from batch size 1 to large series.

Quite unnoticed, frames – in combination with the right door leaf – often fulfil life-saving functions such as fire and smoke protection. The requirements for a frame that provides radiation or sound protection are similarly demanding. We specify the right frame for your application from a wide range of designs and suitable materials.

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Construction types

The product portfolio includes a wide range of frame constructions and various combination options.

Swing door frames

  • Frames with single and double rebates
  • For rebated or butt-jointed door leaves
  • With or without shadow groove
  • 1-part frames (stud wall, masonry, passage frames)
  • 2-part frames for retrofitting
  • 2-part renovation frames for retrofitting over the existing frame, with or without reversible door hinges
  • Frames without architrave (1- and 2-piece)
  • Block frames

Sliding door frames

  • Sliding doors running in front of the wall
  • Sliding doors running inside the wall

Glazing frames

  • with or without aluminium glazing bead
  • for single or double glazing
  • special design as sliding window, top-hung window or prepared for blinds
  • also for central single glazing

Skylight frames

  • for single and double glazing

Special frames

  • customer-specific special developments, eg triple rebate with decorative rebate, swing door profile, etc.
  • finger protection frames

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We manufacture the frames either from galvanised steel or from a stainless steel alloy suitable for your application. All mitres are continuously welded and neatly finished.

TORMAX Türzargen Materialien

Steel frames

  • Made of galvanised steel
  • Material thickness 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm
  • Surfaces: galvanised / primed version or powder-coated in individual colours

Stainless steel frames

  • In various stainless steel alloys, depending on the requirement profile, stainless steel alloys in 1.4301 (V2a), 1.4571 (V4a), 1.4404 (V4a) or 1.4539
  • Material thickness 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm
  • Production processes in profile technology and surface treatment specifically developed for the particular material properties of stainless steel for consistently high production quality
  • Surfaces: clean fine sanding (grain size 240) or brushed, powder-coated in individual colours on request, mitres with special finishing work

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